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Words for Hope: Postcards from the Edge.

Writing for impact and engagement asks for energy.

That means finding a rhythm and building it up in meaningful ways to get to a point. Like an inverted triangle, if you will.

So it's all about going beyond a shopping list of 'must haves' to get to something that's much more 'must do': a compelling call to action.

United for Hope asked me to take a look at some of their comms and we produced these postcards as part of a wider campaign that included social and web content.

They're fun, challenging, inspirational, confident, optimistic and can do.

And over time they've become much more: today they're a values system that continues to inspire the UfH team. So they actively carry them around and give away whenever possible: a neat, elevator pitch introduction to their work that isn't an ask or a hard sell.

United for Hope continue to grow and diversify in all of the ways their community needs them to, going beyond healthcare, sanitation, female empowerment and education into social enterprise and social tourism.

It's inspired.