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The question

I get asked most is:

what is the ideal blog length?

This is not the best question.

More important questions to ask are:

What do you have to say?

Out with it! What’s your point?

If you have many points to make, get organised and show restraint – you can write more blogs.

What does your audience already know?

This will help you to avoid losing them with repetition.

And it will help them to see that you understand them.

How do you want them to feel when they’re read your blog?

Like you get them?

Like you know what you’re talking about?

That you won’t waste their time or there’s no hard sell?

Like you're approachable and they can ask you questions?

Like you’re a like mind that appreciates the same things they do?

Get on the same page as their wants and needs.

What do you want them to do?

To buy your stuff?

To start a conversation?

To comment?


To come back next week for more great, expert intel written in a smart way that keeps them there ’til the last word?

Put a clear call to action at the start. Or at the end if you’re confident they’ll still be around.


Don’t worry about how many words.

Think about which ones and make every