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Thank you Lou :)

I Love it When a Plan (brief) Comes Together

This is the testimonial bit.


"I love how you take my complicated mind and make it simple :)"


"Hope all’s good with you and many thanks for all 3 documents so far. They sound amazing and I completely see why David always says you’re worth your weight in gold 😊"


“I absolutely love your version of the blog. Couldn't stop reading it. We’re planning more of these so are you ahoy to wave your magic? Seriously, I love what you wrote!"


"There once was a writer called Lou,

Who, when asked to write copy, could do

great copy on time,

(either print, or online)

All on brief and well written. And that's true."


"Hey Lou Lou,

Thank you for pulling the magic out of the bag - it’s wonderful that magic bag of yours.

Actually, it’s so bloomin' magic that they’ve asked us to develop two of your identities."


"Bloody gold star.

It’s like word porn for my ears!

You can quote me on that!"


"That last blog post was perfect."


"Hey, it was loved :-) Good job, it’s with client now!!"


"Hi Lou,

Sorry for not replying sooner, this was perfect!"


"The client loved it! Thanks for your work on this."


"That is great! Love the tone of voice and approach.



"Hi Lou, thanks for these – reads really well."


"I got some feedback from the client and they were really impressed that you managed to make construction adhesive sound interesting!"


"Did you write all this, are all these your words just from the conversation I had with you? I’ve got excited goosebumps and it’s not even my pub! This is unreal, magic! I can’t wait to read the full treatment!"


"Brilliant! Client came back saying it's perfect and she loves it, good work as always Lou!"


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