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Review. Renew.

Just finished another site refresh.

Just a little one. Reviewing content on the homepage to make it sharper and smarter, and to set a new, fresh, more professional tone.

Then taking that new tone into the About Us and Who We Are and What We Do and Meet the Team.

It's a day's work for me, a small cost to the client and it has many benefits:

- It's an opportunity to make sure all your info is current - dates are recent, new accolades are added, new products or services can be found easily.

- It can reinvigorate your business and content strategy going forward, surfacing what is really important to your people and customers and giving you fresh focus.

- It demonstrates how much you value your customers and the importance of giving them up-to-date information that is useful and informative.

- It can help your website to perform better and more effectively - more engagement and dwell time on your site tells Google people like it and so they'll serve it to more people carrying out relevant searches.

- A simple site content update can also set the stage for a bigger brand refresh. Your website is the heart of your online presence and getting the content right here can also help to guide creation or development of your vision, mission and values.

You can start where you are, using what you have, or you can throw it all out and take the opportunity to completely redefine where you are and where you want to be.

Ready? Let's make you readable...

If your website is due for a review, ask me how I would sharpen, shorten, straighten and smarten up your content.