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And so the page turns again – on the calendar anyway – and we carry on.

After the shitshow that was 2020, I hope you got a break over the holidays.

I’ve had another busy start to the year (I’m not complaining) and it feels like the first week of January packed in a whole month’s worth of planning and doing.

So I am, like you, well past Happy New Year. But I’m sticking with Happy Year! It's perennial.

I’m determined this will be a good year in whatever way we can make it so: proactively addressing issues, responding to change, shaping messaging, making whatever we have to do feel good.

There has been so much change. Which is not necessarily the problem: change we choose is good and necessary and mostly manageable. It's downright admirable to instigate change when you're comfortable.

A lot of the problem is that we don't often choose change. It is thrust upon us. And when that happens, we not only have a bit of catching up to do, we have a mountain to climb.

So while it's been difficult to see so many businesses struggle, it's also been heartening to see those who have adapted quickly and seemingly fearlessly. I can't imagine all the hard work, late nights and early starts that go on behind the scenes to make that shit look easy but many of them do it.

So it's true what Glennon Doyle says: we can do hard things!

It’s the only way.

AND this was in my inbox this morning:

"A good sailor manages the boat but cannot command the sea.

The outcome of the voyage depends both on the sea and on the sailor’s choices.

Life’s like that too …

and since you are not all-knowing,

you are unlikely to make the best possible choice every time

- so be compassionate to yourself."

Padraig O’Morain, Daily Calm

New Year is not a marker for me.

The ebb and flow of home and school and work life is, every day: seasons changing, new projects starting, school terms beginning and ending. they all bring fresh energy and change.

I value them all. Enjoy them all. I'm in the water and I am swimming. Even when it is cold.

The days are where we build the weeks and months and years and we do all of that by asking questions, even the seemingly silly ones, looking at things a different way, throwing different stuff in the mix, giving the whole soup some space and letting it simmer.

You didn’t know we were making soup, did you? Neither did I.

But it seems like a good analogy.

Whether you’re a small business finding your feet or you’re growing steadily and need a freshen up in what you're saying and how you say it, ask me if I can help.



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