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Overthinking gets a bad name. It's associated with stress and is a source of anxiety for many people. But here's the thing: if you can get a handle on it, overthinking is a powerful tool that can fuel creativity.

Once I began to understand that fully, and learn how to harness it, I've been able to have all the thoughts at work, in the day, AND ignore those unhelpful ones that can keep you awake at night. Mostly! It's a work in progress and Insight Timer is invaluable.

For me, overthinking is the secret to my creativity and career success - and here's how:

Exploring Multiple Perspectives

Every freaking angle!! Often all the time. I've just had another excellent idea for a branding project that I'll be working on next week, the brief for which is rolling around in my head. Post-its are a lifesaver!

Overthinkers have a tendency to consider all the angles and possibilities before settling on a solution.

This ability to explore multiple perspectives isn't just helpful to the creative process. It's essential.

It's the only way to go beyond the obvious and get into the potential of the unconventional.

Thinking Outside the Box

Unbound by traditional thought patterns, my bouncy brain can both make logical rationales and join the infinite dots in many new ways.

That's the fun part!

In world where most people can write, relatively OK, they're often still restricted by conventional norms and thought patterns. Neurodivergent individuals often possess a remarkable ability to think outside the box.

The ability to bring a more expansive and innovative approach to problem-solving to copywriting is what sets strong communications apart.

Knowing your Shit

Which is quite different to 'knowing you're shit'. That's a different blog and one I'm not qualified to write 💅🏻

Here's the bottom line: I'm good at writing because I'm good at reading. It's a real skill!

Using the brief as a starting point, I'll thoroughly analyse not just your business, service or product, but also the ecosystem it lives in, the people who deliver it and the people who we want to embrace it.

It's the kind of depth of understanding that delivers richer insight and better, simpler, more impactful creative.

Enhanced by Empathy

There's academic intelligence and there's emotional intelligence.

Contrary to stereotypes, neurodivergent individuals often display heightened empathy. This is seriously true for me, and gives me a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives and emotions of the target audience.

As a copywriter, this skill enables me to connect with readers on a more profound level, crafting messages that resonate emotionally and drive engagement.

Getting Immersed

One thing neuro-D's can be really good at is hyperfocus.

This ability to immerse oneself completely in a task can lead to unparalleled attention to detail, a crucial skill in the meticulous world of copywriting.

As they say, the devil is in the detail, and neurodivergence can be a powerful ally in capturing the nuances that make for truly compelling copy.


When you're exploring an idea and its potential viability - i.e. if it's got legs or not - you need to get into the weeds with it.

As an overthinker, you'll have a heightened sensibility to the nuance of execution and how that is perceived. This detail is critical!

If the idea does not land with the audience it's intended to land with, all is lost.

Getting the detail right - the tone, the inference, the emotional resonance - is key.


My favourite thing! There's nothing quite like existing (usually on terrible coffee and cheap sausage rolls) for a day or two in a small room with another neurodivergent (!) churning out questionable idea after questionable idea until you get to the gold!

And this is the most important point: if you're getting pleasure from doing the thinking, then the creative outcomes will take care of themselves.

"Neurodivergent minds excel in divergent thinking – the ability to generate a multitude of unique ideas in response to a single prompt. This skill is a cornerstone of creativity and is invaluable in the ideation phase of copywriting. The ability to explore various perspectives and concepts opens the door to innovative and captivating campaigns."


Overthinking is often a form of continuous problem-solving. That's why it's anxiety inducing: the fearful mind is always trying to make itself safe: rationally or irrationally.

An overthinking mind with clear and useful purpose is a problem solving machine!

Creativity is all about overcoming obstacles, and the overthinking process can - often inadvertently - lead to the discovery of novel solutions.

Anxiety-INDUCED Inspo

Anxiety, as I've already mentioned, isn't all bad. If you learn how to use it.

If your overthinking creates anxiety and leads to emotional overwhelm, you'll often be drawn to things like writing or making art as a creative outlet and a means of expression.

Channel that as much as you can and you're golden.

Critical Thinking

There's understanding the information and taking it at face value. And then there's questioning assumptions.

Critical thinking is powerful when you're looking for a new approach, driving transformation or problem-solving.

New possibilities and innovative alternatives can only be found beyond conventional boundaries.

Ask questions. Question the answer. Sometimes you might even have to make a dick out of yourself but if you deliver the goods, again you are golden!

Here's what I really think...

In a world that often seeks conformity, embracing neurodivergence can be a game-changer.

And that's especially true for us creatives and copywriters, where our livelihoods are dependent on bringing a unique perspective and fresh approach.

In life, this realisation ahs also been freeing: it's all about that perspective and remembering that the positive aspects of overthinking in creativity are context-dependent.

While some level of overthinking can be beneficial, excessive and chronic overthinking can lead to burnout and hinder overall well-being. Balancing thoughtful consideration with action and knowing when to step back is crucial for harnessing the positive aspects of overthinking without succumbing to its negative effects.

As the world continues to champion diversity and inclusion, acknowledging and embracing neurodivergence can be a catalyst for ground breaking creativity and incredible copy.

If that's what you think too, we should talk!

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