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Terrible Copy & Why it Turns Me On.

The Seductive Art of Editing: Why Editing Copy is a Passionate Pursuit

OK. Call me a pervert if you will. Whatever. But like they say: do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life

I've always loved what I do. But, right now, I've got a serious crush on editing. And when I look at my career, it's always been a thread.

As a creative, I'm 'editing' when I'm turning a lengthy brief into a headline on a 48 sheet, a brand line that goes everywhere, a 30 second script for TV, radio or animation, a Facebook post or a Google ad.

That's just extreme editing with emotion to transform a transaction into an engaged response. The art of getting 5 words to do what 100 words could never.

But more and more I've had the opportunity to do that with long copy. And have I told you lately that I love it??

For me, there is nothing like the thrill of taking pages and pages of absolute rubbish and turning it into something very sexy or super smart.

Super smart is sexy too. Because it's something that people will read - devour - and they've read it all before they know it.

I believe in literary circles the phrase is unputdownable.

But when it comes to commercial copy, that's not an easy feat. Especially at a time in history when most people have a TikTok attention span, a short Facebook fuse and a need for scrolling speed.

But it's doable. Because I've done it.

I’ve done it for all kinds of clients, in every area from academia to insurance. And those guys know how to write. Albeit in a snooze fest kind of way.

Transforming dry white papers on research into something business people can get excited enough to invest in isn't a chore: it's an absolute pleasure. Especially when a lot of that research revolves around articulating the green tech needed to fight our way through this climate crisis.

Need a copy editor?

When you think of sexy and fun jobs, copy editing might not immediately spring to mind.

There aren't many copywriters or editors on OnlyFans. I'm imagining.

But if, like me, you revel in the art of refining language and crafting perfect prose, you know that editing copy can be a passionately rewarding endeavour.

Much like any seductive and thrilling pursuit, copy editing has its own alluring charm.

So, let's explore why editing copy is vital to helping any business get together with their customers, and how the magic of words can start an intoxicating affair.

The Power of Words

Words aren't just building blocks of communication. They're signposts that can mean different things to different people in different contexts.

A skilled copy editor wields these words with precision, breathing life into dull or confusing text.

Making it clear, concise, readable, engaging, impactful, orgasmic.

Making a moment.

Good copy editing is a superpower, turning an average piece of writing into a masterpiece, much like a magician conjuring awe-inspiring illusions.

In this Carry On Copywriting kind of context, think Magic Mike.

Words can be sexy, especially when stripped back, and a copy editor is the seductive maestro orchestrating their dance.

Too much?

The Thrill of the Red Pen

There's something undeniably thrilling about wielding a red pen (or a digital equivalent) over a piece of text. It's like a dominatrix with a whip, meting out discipline to unruly words and sentences.

As an editor, I have the power to make the text submit to my will, and there's a definite eroticism in the act of correction and refinement.

Every strikeout or correction is a tantalizing step towards perfection, leaving you breathless with anticipation.

Too much?

The Pursuit of Perfection

Perfection is an ideal that's often unattainable, yet the pursuit of it is a journey filled with desire and passion. A copy editor is like a perfectionist lover, always striving for that elusive climax of flawless prose. The desire to reach the perfect sentence, the perfectly structured article, or the perfectly punctuated paragraph is a pursuit that's tantalizing in its own right.

Too much?

Unveiling Hidden Beauty

Every piece of writing holds hidden gems of beauty beneath the surface. An editor's job is to uncover these gems, to reveal the potential and allure that may be obscured by grammatical errors or unclear expression. It's a seductive process of unveiling the hidden sensuality of a text, much like the slow undressing of a lover.

Too much?

The Art of Collaboration

Getting it together can be a stimulating experience, especially in the world of editing. It involves working closely with authors to understand their vision and voice while gently guiding them towards excellence. The dance of collaboration, the interplay of ideas, and the shared passion for creating compelling content can be an incredibly intimate and alluring experience.

Too much?

Intellectual Foreplay

Editing copy often involves deep intellectual engagement. You have to understand the subject matter, the target audience, and the author's intentions. This intellectual foreplay: the exchange of ideas and the challenge of enhancing content can be exhilarating and mind-blowing.

It's the sort of mental stimulation that can turn you on in a completely unique way.

Too much?????

If you're finding this all a bit much and are totally turned off by the idea of wading through pages and pages of copy to get to the good stuff, hit me up.

OnlyFans: louLOL!

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